ICEA Certification

In 2007, we have got an “Eco Bio Cosmetics Certification”, by a qualified Certification Institute ICEA: a Consortium that control and certifies companies.
In the same year, we have got the inscription at Makeda Coop., a cooperative based in Ribera. In 2014, Sr. Chimera became President, bringing with him optimistic ideas to this. He still plays this role proudly.



The Chimera’s fruit farm has organic certification and respects:

Requirements established by European Commission to ensure the authenticity of organic product: organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils; Chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics and other substances are severely restricted;

High quality, raw materials and nutritional values;

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are banned

Disease-resistant plant and animal species adapted to the local environment are used;

Crops are rotated so that on-site resources are used efficiently;

The importance of maintaining biodiversity;

Responsible using of energy and natural resources;

Numerous ways to improve the fertility of soil naturally.

Campagna Amica e Coldiretti

In 2010, Chimera’s enterprise entered as a member of ‘Coldiretti’, the leading organization of farmers at national and European level.
In 2012, it became part of the ‘Campagna Amica’ network, with the aim of guarantee to the consumers freshness and quality of products. Even today, the company brings fruit to their markets.

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