Chimera’s Fruit Farm

Chimera’s fruit farm was created in the ’80s when Mr Chimera, arrived in Sciacca where he started to take care of wife’s citrus and olive plants. So the enterprise started to move, in silence, the first steps.
In 1989 was a crucial year for the business. As for work purposes Mr Chimera kept in touch with a famous land: Ribera (an area rich of citrus fruit history).
Nowadays it is known as “citrus city”.

This mix helped to increase a desire to produce an exquisite fruit. So over time, the citrus area was extended and new processing techniques were improved to create a higher quality product.
Today, our estate stretches over about 13 hectares, throughout the town of Sciacca, very close to the sea, between Bertolino and Maragani area, known for their fertility and for the excellent productions.

miele di arancio
Chimera’s family is bees friendly so they produce a fantastic honey of orange flowers. The existence of bees in a citrus plantation are a synonym of organic and not contaminated land. In fact, lack of insecticides and pesticides stimulates the bees’ life.
coltivazione biologica
We use natural treatments through special ‘bacterial bait and fable‘. In addition, every Sunday our lands wait for a flock of sheep that graze green grass, enriching them and promoting natural micro-environmental conditions.
produzione eco-sostenibile
We also use ecological methods for the electricity production. We installed some photovoltaic power stations to favor electricity  generation in a completely natural way.