Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive groves

Our olive groves are enturies-old trees, rich in country traditions, from various generations of family. The land extends in the areas of Santa Maria and Bertolino, both very close to the coast and to the sea breeze. We own two varieties of olives: Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuolo which have a prestigious value.


The natural methods for purely organic cultivations are using of natural manure.
The picking, after careful selection, is made to right degree of ripening. So immediately, the olives are brought to the mill for milling, to avoid the oxidative process and preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.
Pressing process is done by cold mechanical methods and does not include any chemical treatment. This guarantees a high quality of the final product.
In addition, our freshly oil is stored in tin cans (an appropriate food container) to protect it from light and from air contact, preventing fermentative phenomena.
Our green-gold has antioxidant properties for presence of phenols and tocopherols, considered perfect for our healthy.

Olive groves tradition

Olive groves tradition is expected each year, in October and it is lived as a ritual. The air is filled with a pleasant aroma of milling and we waiting for first taste of our ‘green gold’: a spicy oil of a special color from a brighter to a darker green; a deep and firm fragrancy, easy to recognize for a pleasing sensation that it gives.